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Brenna’s Story

October 8, 2016

With endometriosis and diminished ovarian reserve, Brenna went through 10 medicated cycles, 4 IUI cycles and two surgeries before finally moving on to IVF and getting her well-deserved baby bump. Read her story here.

Where are you from?

Sacramento, CA

How did you get pregnant?


How old were you at the time?


What was your infertility diagnosis?

Endometriosis, DOR, male factor

Tell us about your fertility journey.

Started in 2010 after a year I was not pregnant. Decided to start fertility workup and my doctor suspected endometriosis at the first visit. I was officially diagnosed 7/2011 with endometriosis via a laparoscopy. We tried for another year after surgery naturally. My pelvic pain was bad so I spent all of 2013 treating the endometriosis with Lupron and other methods. We started seeing a fertility specialist in January 2014 and tried 6 medicated cycles and 3 iui before another surgery in October 2014 to remove adhesions and free my ovaries and tubes from being fused together. After surgery I found out my FSH was high, and my AMH very low so DOR diagnosed. We tried 4 more medicated cycles and one more iui before moving onto IVF in April 2016. Had 4 embryos, transferred 2 on day 3, lost the remaining 2 embryos before they could be frozen and ended up pregnant with one little girl.

What factors do you believe contributed to your success?

I used acupuncture, lots of supplements my doctor recommended, and the local infertility support group was invaluable to me.

What positive element(s) came out of your experience?

I think my husband and I are much closer. And the friends I made in the support group are the best people I know. I value the things I have in my life more and have become a stronger person.

What life lessons did you learn along the way?

Let go of control. Learning to appreciate the things I do have. People will come and go but the important ones stay.

What is your best advice for anyone having a tough time conceiving?

It's ok to be sad. It's ok to be negative. It's ok to think about giving up. Acknowledge how you feel, honor it, and then let it go. Find your tribe and love them and let them love you. You're stronger than you think.

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