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Expecting Baby Robertson’s Story

February 15, 2017

With low progesterone levels and unexplained infertility, it took two long years for these newlyweds to get their positive pregnancy test. 

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Where are you from?

Washington state

How did you get pregnant?


How old were you at the time?


What was your infertility diagnosis?

Low Progesterone/ Unexplained infertility

Tell us about your fertility journey.

We moved to a new country in the early spring of 2014. We decided we wanted to try for a baby that summer after we were finally settled into our new house. I quit taking the pill in August 2014 after 3 months of taking it, and we began casually trying to conceive. At the beginning of the new year of 2015, we started getting concerned of our lack of luck so far, so I began seriously and consistently tracking my ovulation with ovulation test and my basal body temperature.

We hit our year mark and decided it was time I visit my primary doctor and discuss our concerns. She however was not concerned, because of how young we both were (I being 21 and husband 24) she suggested we wait until 24 months had gone by with no luck before she'd suggest seeing a specialist. We waited until the new year of 2016 and then went back in to my primary doctor to request a referral to see a specialist to which she reluctantly agreed to. We were finally able to take our referral and schedule an appointment with the best genetic specialist in our area at the end of January of 2016.

We started with blood tests and a semen analysis first thing in February and discovered I had very low Progesterone, but otherwise there was no cause for concern. So our first move was to begin taking vaginal progesterone after ovulation for two weeks unless AF arrived and if she did to immediately stop the Famenita and come in for a blood test. This was February's action plan as well as March's. April's cycle was the same with the inclusion of trigger shots given right at ovulation followed by the Famenita and May's cycle was the same. June had come with the arrival of my parents for a three week visit, we decided it would be best to take a break and enjoy a little vacation from life for a little while. July's cycle didn't start like it always had before and because I had been so closely monitored for the past five months I always knew what day AF was due (July 7th). I woke up July 8th after the no show and decided to take a pregnancy test on the off chance a miracle had happened. Half-heartedly took the test (as if I hadn't taken about a thousand before with the same result as always) set it down and got ready for my day to later come back to it to see the control line and a very faint line next to it, as I start to freak out unable to believe what I was seeing I called the specialist to see what my next move should be. We had an appointment for a blood test scheduled within the same hour. We hurried off to the doctor, had the blood test, then we were told to go home and relax (yeah right) until the results were in that afternoon. I called the lab and finally got the answer we had been waiting for, for so long! I was told to immediately start taking the Famenita 3x a day for the next 12 weeks as my progesterone level was still very low.

36 weeks has now gone by and we are expecting the arrival of our precious baby girl within the next month after praying for 676 days!

What factors do you believe contributed to your success?

I honestly don't know what the contributing factor to our success would be! Possibly it was all the progesterone tablets I had been taking the months prior had risen my levels enough to finally conceive, or maybe it was the one month we decided to take a break from the doctor's visits, the medication and the timed intercourse, to relax and enjoy us again. The prayers, the consistent working out, or the moderately healthy lifestyle we had been trying to live, could all tally up to our success, but the fact is conceiving and pregnancy are unpredictable.

What positive element(s) came out of your experience?

We got married December of 2013 and started TTC the summer of 2014. So we had roughly six months of married life before we made this decision, had we conceived right away we would have missed out on the building of the strong relationship we now have.

What life lessons did you learn along the way?

Not everything can be controlled no matter how hard you try and not everything can be planned. I always thought that when I wanted to have a baby it would just happen, I mean people get pregnant every day and it seems everyone I know is expecting! What I didn't expect was the tears, the heartache, the feeling of failure and jealousy, the lack of romance as every month had a schedule down to the day! But it's best I'm not in control of these things as I'm just going through life as best as I can.

What is your best advice for anyone having a tough time conceiving?

Anyone whose been trying to conceive has heard it all before; Relax, just let it happen, don't worry, don't think about it, blah blah blah all these things make you want to roll your eyes right out of your head. But the best advice I can think of is to do things for you, anything really, have a spa day, travel, go on date night, catch that midnight movie just because, go on a girl’s shopping trip. Don't stop living your life because living in between the two week wait can consume your life.

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