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Kelly’s Story

October 15, 2016

With grade 4 endometriosis and years of waiting for IVF, Kelly was finally blessed with a positive pregnancy test on her first IVF cycle. Read her story here. 

Fertility Success Story's - Kelly's Story -

Where are you from?


How did you get pregnant?


How old were you at the time?


What was your infertility diagnosis?

Endometriosis (grade 4)

Tell us about your fertility journey.

I started the contraceptive pill when I was 15 due to "heavy periods", despite the amount of time I had off school/work and the pain I was in, no-one ever questioned it so it wasn't until we went for fertility investigations that it was found I have grade 4 endometriosis and a hydrosalpinx. Hubby & I were married in 2009 and I stopped the pill shortly after. It took a year for my cycles to become regular, and 6 months after that, we went to see our GP. Initial tests were normal so we were referred to the infertility clinic. At this point we were informed it was too soon (NHS guidelines state trying for 2 years before investigations can begin) & we were given a return appointment. There were a few delays/mixups as well as me having to reduce my BMI so it took around 2.5 years before all investigations were complete and we were put onto the waiting list for IVF. The list itself was 2 years but we were lucky to reach the top after 1. I still had some weight to lose which I lost within 6 months, we were all set to start treatment in December 2014 when it was discovered my endometriosis had worsened and I some treatment before we could begin. Eventually we started treatment in March 2015. I responded fairly well to the drugs and 8 eggs were collected (we currently still have 3 in storage.) Transfer day was in April and 1 5 day blastocyst (grade 4AA) was transferred. Our son was born 2 days overdue via emergency Caesarean section on 8th January 2016.

What factors do you believe contributed to your success?

I have to admit to having a fairly negative outlook during treatment. My thinking was that if I began to become positive, I wouldn't be able to cope with things if the treatment didn't work. Didn't follow a fertility diet but I did take folic acid/vitamins as recommended. I took time off work after transfer and spent the next couple of weeks relaxing. I ate quite a lot of pineapple (as I'd read it could help implantation) and my consultant had recommended laughter! So I watched a lot of comedy movies.

What positive element(s) came out of your experience?

The infertility journey was very long and very hard, I found out who was there for me during this time.

What life lessons did you learn along the way?

That it's ok for me not to be in control of everything. Well sometimes!

What is your best advice for anyone having a tough time conceiving?

It's ok to feel bitter/jealous at times, just don't let it be all consuming. Don't be embarrassed/ashamed of it and if you are repeatedly asked "when are you having kids" tell the person to mind their own business! Talk to people, let your feelings out as holding them in does no good.

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