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  • Share as little or as much as you want to. When answering these questions, be real and keep the reader in mind. Think of her as a friend who is struggling to get pregnant. Put yourself back in your old shoes and remember how hard it was. Think about what you want to say to her. Let your story inspire her.

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  • Example: Amy L.
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  • Example: Vancouver, BC
  • Examples: PCOS, Unknown
  • Example: For how long you were trying to conceive, fertility treatments you tried, IVF details, emotions you felt etc.
  • Example: Acupuncture, Fertility diet, Positive thinking, etc. with as many details as possible.
  • Example: Closer relationship with my partner, Deeper sense of gratitude, etc.
  • Example: Patience, Learning to let go of control, etc.
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  • Example: embryo or ultrasound photo (recommended to crop out personal details), your baby bump, baby, etc.
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