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Stacey’s Story

October 30, 2016

With a collapsed fallopian tube and polycystic ovaries, Stacey knew from a young age that she would have problems conceiving. In the 10 years that followed, she went through several surgical procedures, two miscarriages and years of waiting for before trying IVF. Read her story here.

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Where are you from?

Essex, England UK

How did you get pregnant?


How old were you at the time?


What was your infertility diagnosis?

Collapsed Fallopian Tube, PCO

Tell us about your fertility journey.

  • Found out at 20 I would have problems conceiving due to collapsed Fallopian Tube and Polycystic Ovaries.
  • Had 2 surgical procedures between 21-26 to try and make my tubes less of a problem.
  • During this time I suffered with problems with drugs and alcohol so time taken to do these things was prolonged. Got sober in July 2011.
  • Left tube was clipped in August 2011 and found Endometriosis which was lasered away.
  • 1 month later fell pregnant naturally to my complete amazement but miscarried within 2 weeks. Removed from fertility treatment list due to pregnancy.
  • Engaged in September 2013. Fell pregnant again naturally in December 2014 but miscarried again within 2 weeks. Got married 31st May 2014.
  • Waited a year and went back to hospital June 2015 to be accepted back for fertility treatment.
  • Tried Metformin for 3 months but didn't work.
  • Accepted finally for IVF September 2015.
  • Started first IVF cycle 9th Feb 2016. Was put on short protocol. Egg Collection on 26th Feb. Transfer 2nd March and positive test 10th March 2016.
  • Baby now due 18th November 2016.

What factors do you believe contributed to your success?

I believe limiting stress helped me and knowing that I had done everything I could do to increase my chances of success. I did acupuncture and followed a low carb, high protein diet to increase my egg quality. I did visualization and positive thinking and sat still after my transfer. I also drank a lot of water as advised and prepared myself for the worst.

What positive element(s) came out of your experience?

I realised that I was in this with someone else and not on my own like I had felt for a long time as my fertility was the problem. I realised how much support I had from friends and family. By speaking to other women, I realised how lucky I was to be able to receive treatment for free on National Health Insurance. Also from joining social media groups, I realised how many women worldwide suffer from infertility at such a young age.

What life lessons did you learn along the way?

Patience, acceptance, self control, focusing on other things, positive thinking, how to relax, thinking of others more, privacy

What is your best advice for anyone having a tough time conceiving?

I would always advise first and foremost to have other goals besides getting pregnant. If your only focus is on getting pregnant and it doesn’t happen right away, years may pass by without much else happening in your life. I would try acupuncture most definitely and read up on diet for fertility. Try and relax and enjoy your loved ones. Unless you are time sensitive due to your age, you don’t have to rush into a fertility clinic after 12 months of trying naturally.

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